Ben Sloot is the son of inventor Romke Jan Bernhard Sloot, who have developed a revolutionary data compression technique, in the times, when transmitting videos by mobile phones was a dream. Ben Sloot saw his father, Jan Sloot dying suddenly just two days before the signing of a contract, which was going to bring 50 million Dutch guilders, or about $25 million to his bank account and expectable $100 billion within four years. The prototype and the source code needed to reproduce his invention have mysteriously disappeared thereafter. Within just two years efficient compression techniques have started to surface. Read more at comp.compression newsgroup, section Jan Sloot video compression coding with colors

In this interview Ben Sloot recalls how his father Jan Sloot had been served with cold soup and sandwich about one-two days before the tragic event, and he also reveals much more.

In the world of inventors and scientists it is not unusual to hear about sudden death cases in mysterious circumstances. List of Dead Scientists… Assassinated??

If you are a scientist or inventor, beware of cold soup!


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The website contains the biggest collection of all information related to Jan Sloot. It is dedicated to investigation about Jan Sloot. It contains even copies  of email communications among people at that time, official documents of company The Fifth Force, details of financing, etc.