Dirk Laureyssens interferes in a controversial case and shows his allegiance to the masons desperately trying to silence a messenger of peace

In spite of what Dirk Laureyssens alleges and asserts along with a shady global network of abuse and media manipulation, the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) judges EUR 1,000 (non-pecuniary damage) and EUR 5,980 (costs and expenses) to be paid by Romania to Yoga school founder Gregorian Bivolaru referring to case Bivolaru v. Romania (no. 28796/04)

Judgment of European Court of Human Rights

ECHR_Judgment_of_28.02.17_Bivolaru v Romania
European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) Judgment of February 28, 2017 in case Bivolaru v Romania (no. 28796/04). The court rules Romania has to pay EUR 1,000 non pecuniary damage and EUR 5,980 costs and expenses to Gregorian Bivolaru

Gregorian Bivolaru was extradited to Romania in 2016 by France, although having been granted political refugee status by Sweden.

After a man has been harassed for 50 years, Dirk Laureyssens jumps to kick in too

Dirk Laureyssens joins the defamation campaign against an innocent yoga teacher
Dirk Laureyssens joins the Illuminati controlled fake news network in a character assassination campaign by accusing an innocent Yoga teacher and several citizen’s groups in order to divert the attention away from what he has been part of it
Sylvester Belso echoes Dirk Laureyssens lies
Sylvester Belso supports and promotes Dirk Laureyssens’ lies, and he falsely names a Romanian Yoga school as “pedophile cult”

The hedonistic dandy, who likes to call himself “Sir” Sylvester has joined Dirk’s madness in spreading lies involving a Yoga teacher and 1000 virgins, while he himself, Mr. Szilveszter Belso favored to chose and use the nickname “Drukpa Kunley”, while he was spamming several forums about his controversial “battery life extender foil”.

forum spam by mr drukpa kunleymore spam by mr drukpa kunleyspam by mr drukpa kunley

Just do a search on Google or your favorite search engine for images of the Buddhist guru “Drukpa Kunley” of Bhutan, in order to get the picture about this historical person, who “he spent his days singing and drinking with the ladies and deflowering virgins”.

The apropos of Dirk Laureysens and Sylvester Belso’s recent tirades of massive libel, insults and abusive psychological manipulation is a recent visit of the Iranian nuclear physicist Mehran Tavakoli Keshe to Romania upon an invitation of a group of scientists, and his participation to an event organized by the Yoga school MISA.


According to Dirk’s twisted holonic perception all the world is inside himself and as a logical consequence all must be fake, criminal, alcoholic, pedophile and member of a cult.


Hence “the others are inside” himself, he needs no further proof for any of his affirmations than his own words emphasized with different colors and repeated ad nauseam.

Who is Gregorian Bivolaru?

Who is Gregorian Bivolaru  and the non-profit association he has founded in 1990?

Why they were accused of arm and drugs trafficking, prostitution, why their houses were raided, its members assaulted,  tortured and intimidated?

The events are somehow similar to the persecution of the members of Falun Gong or Falun Dafa practitioners.

Who and why are afraid of these people, who are fearless seekers of truth?

The story started much earlier. The Romanian Secret Service known as “Securitate” started to monitor Grigore Bivolaru in 1971, when he has correspondence with Mircea Eliade, a well known Romanian historian of religion, fiction writer, philosopher, and professor at the University of Chicago, who has written an impressive number of books about yoga, religions, spiritual initiations and alchemy.

The dictatorial communist regime perceived yoga,  martial arts and all forms of spiritual practice as a threat, and in 1982 these courses were all banned, including the philosophy works of Immanuel Kant. After this year Mr. Bivolaru continued to teach Yoga in illegality, accepting the risks of being arrested by the Securitate.

In 1984 he was arrested and charged for conspiracy due to fears of the dictator that he or his disciples could harm him from a distance by using some super powers.  In 1989 he was forced to institutionalization in a psychiatric hospital.  The Bucharest Tribunal acknowledged in 2011 that Gregorian Bivolaru was innocent for the supposed crimes for which he was politically persecuted, imprisoned, tortured  and morally discredited before 1989.

After the revolution of December 1989, in January 1990 Mr. Grigorian Bivolaru has founded the association named “Movement for Spiritual Integration into Absolute” (MISA), with goal to raise the spiritual level of people of Romania.

In a night of November 1994 a mysterious “messenger”, who introduced himself as a colonel of the secret services advised Gregorian Bivolaru to urgently dismember his association MISA, which became a threat and enemy for the leaders of a well known political party and its leaders, furthermore to cease all group yoga activities and stop any and whatsoever criticism about the respective party and its leaders.  Threats followed the “advice”.  As Bivolaru hasn’t complied, “Operation Christ” started in March 2004, new case was fabricated, and MISA members are accused of trafficking in April 2005.

The big reason why

Part if the story is that Bivolaru has published several editions of a booklet, which  unmasked the mysteries of a gigantic planetary satanic conspiracy.

Francmasoneria book 1995 title

Francmasoneria book cover

Abused human rights

The Association for the Defence of Human Rights in Romania – the Helsinki Committee (APADOR-CH) reported what happened later

The MISA case

The organisation Movement for Spiritual Integration with the Absolute (MISA), a Yoga movement, was the target of libel and defamation in the media ever since it appeared in 1990. In 1996, these attacks were joined by public authorities interventions, which resulted in refusals to rent them rooms and even in assaults against several members. APADOR-CH stood up against the violation of the MISA members’ freedom of conscience and made its position known to the public and authorities.

In 1997, the press campaigns against MISA continued; dozens of slanderous materials were published during the first half of the year in most dailies, not to mention television and radio broadcasts on this topic.

The APADOR-CH representative took part in Yoga classes held at Steaua sports club in March and confirmed that the articles which referred to these classes were ungrounded. During the investigation, the APADOR-CH representative encountered situations when, due to the pressures exercised by journalists and authorities, the management of some institutions reconsidered their decisions to allow MISA members to use the space as they previously agreed by contract or agreement.

Thus, on 9 March 1997, at 8 p.m., when the MISA students arrived at the Bucharest Factory for Electric Machines for their Yoga session, the door keeper announced that the session could no longer take place because he had his orders in this sense.

MISA also complained against other actions aimed at intimidating its members — such as the action of the 18th precinct police officers who stormed a MISA headquarters on 10 March 1997, 7 a.m., together with a group trained to fight terrorists. The persons found at the headquarters were handcuffed. In 1997, Gregorian Bivolaru, informal leader of MISA, was summoned every now and again to the police to give declarations on his activity.

In the second half of 1997, MISA was almost completely removed from the media’s field of interest. At the same time, none of the complaints filed by MISA members led to any result.



1. What is MISA? The Movement for Spiritual Integration in the Absolute was created as a non-profit association, by decision of the District 1 First Instance Court in Bucuresti, on January 23rd, 1990. The association has a socio-professional, philosophic, experimental, educational character, aiming to raise the spiritual level of people by promoting yoga theory and practice.

The man considered to be the spiritual leader of the movement, Gregorian Bivolaru, was permanently controlled by the Security for similar activities before 1989. He was imprisoned twice and put into a mental hospital where opponents of the communist regime were “treated” for having practiced the same beliefs as today.

MISA runs yoga classes, as well as courses about certain naturist cures. The leaders of the organization estimate that 45 000 people have taken yoga classes with MISA. The yoga trainers are either MISA members or have understandings with MISA to run their courses under the umbrella of the association.

MISA has also published books and issues a monthly bulletin.

2. Previous campaigns against MISA and its members or sympathizers and our investigation on the accusationsAPADOR-CH conducted two investigations on previous campaigns against MISA and its members/sympathizers. The conclusions have been published in the Association’s annual reports in 1996 and 1997. After 1997, the representatives of APADOR-CH were informed of other infringements upon the rights of MISA members or sympathizers. But since, over the time, the situations that had triggered complaints were considered solved by MISA leaders, APADOR-CH ceased to investigate without a formal demand from the movement.

II.                THE RABID CAMPAIGN OF 2004

3. A Precedent: the Tg. Mureş Campaign, September-October 2003 In September 2003, the Tg. Mureş press, the local studio of Antena 1 TV, the local edition of Jurnalul Naţional and other media launched a campaign against yoga trainers and trainees in the city, and against MISA, the organization running the yoga courses. They were accused of drug abuse, sexual orgies and tax evasion, without any evidence. Two of the trainers were summoned at the Regional Centre against Organized Crime and Drugs. Here, they were offended and compelled to sign incriminating statements against MISA and the movement’s spiritual leader, Gregorian Bivolaru. According to the two trainers, investigating inspector Beldeanu declared that he was going to kill both them and Bivolaru “when out of duty”.

The TV programs Actualitatea mureşană of October 2nd, 2003, and Observator of October 3rd, 2003, presented a list of persons who attended yoga sessions – name and workplace included. By dubbing them guilty of “illegal acts”, “brainwashing”, “substance abuse”, the media campaign represented an instigation of the public opinion against those who practiced yoga. The effects were immediate. People on the list were summoned by their bosses and threatened with termination, if they insisted to attend yoga courses. Others had problems with their families.

Given the methods used in the Tg. Mureş campaign and the attitude of investigators towards people summoned to the Regional Centre, the events in 2003 seem to have prepared the massive action against MISA members and sympathizers launched in March 2004, in Bucuresti.

4. The Gendarmerie Raid on March 18th, 2004

On March 18th, 2004, over 300 Gendarmes, prosecutors, police and secret service agents wearing masks raided simultaneously 16 buildings where MISA members held their activities. Doors and windows were smashed to pieces, although the buildings could have been entered peacefully. The people inside were brutalized, pushed to the ground, threatened with guns, some of them handcuffed. There were cases when they were held at gunpoint for hours. In some of the raided buildings, warning gun shots were fired.

People were coerced to sign statements worded by the prosecutor. Personal belongings were confiscated without being mentioned in the search warrant minute. The detainees were prevented to contact their lawyers.

The raids were videotaped and showed on TV. Later, further pictures were shown on TV, aiming to discredit the detainees and suggest that they were guilty. But no one was put on preventive arrest or detained following these raids.

Over 20 searches took place over the following days. Truckloads of materials were confiscated abusively from the searched buildings and the 15 MISA storage houses.

5. The media campaign

Instigating and libelous presentations

The following excerpts from newspapers (the TV materials sounded very much the same) published right after the gendarmes’ raids, prove, in themselves, the instigating and libelous character of the presentations: “During the raids, various substances have been found, of which we cannot tell for sure if they are drugs or not” (Cotidianul, March 22nd); “the raids were triggered by complaints made by several citizens regarding prostitution and drug dealing activities in several slums of Bucuresti”; “the state authorities raided buildings where pornographic and erotic video-chat activities were going on” (Ziua, March 20th); “Porno materials in the home of a university teacher” (Evenimentul zilei, March 22nd); “In this truck, various compromising materials have been found, among which pornographic magazines, and books of the MISA cult” (Adevarul, March 22nd), and so on. The term “sect” was deliberately used to describe MISA.

The media, therefore, supported the authorities during the first days after the raids, when the actions in force tried to persuade the public opinion that those raided and searched on March 18th were guilty of crimes. It is highly improbable that journalists didn’t know that police is not allowed to break into somebody’s home only because “there have been crimes in the neighborhood”. It is not illegal to detain pornographic materials, and no approval is needed to participate in erotic chat-rooms on the Internet. The accusations based on elements considered to be outrageous for the public – sex, urinotherapy – were all the more absurd when promoted by publications which currently use themselves erotic images and a type of language which could be qualified – considering the prudish attitude in this case – as outrageous.

Basically, most media tried to turn the population against MISA members and trigger a “witch-hunt”. Significant, in this respect, was the information, proved to be untrue, that Gregorian Bivolaru was taken to the police station by a group of people. The way the information was announced represented an invitation for the people to hunt down MISA members.

Intoxication of the media by the authorities

The information received by journalists from the authorities contained a series of accusations, which were thus promoted by the media: drug use, human traffic, etc. The accusations proved to be ungrounded. The video footage was meant to induce the idea of guilt into the public opinion. The police video was released to the media, and shown on TV, in a total breach of the right to reputation. For example, a syringe, filmed in the home of a doctor woman, was presented as having been used for drugs. The situation determined several members of MISA to ask the Forensic Institute for tests to show they had no drugs in their blood.

The image of Petrachei Natalia Elena, taken from the toilet with her panties down and threatened at gunpoint to stand, in that posture, next to the doorman of the building, was shown as evidence of the promiscuity in which MISA members allegedly indulged. Several pictures of MISA members in bathing suits, found during the searches, were also shown on TV. Sometimes, their actual photos were edited alongside other images, for a more convincing effect.

The culmination of these unacceptable violations of privacy was the release of a personal diary to the media – that of Mădălina Dumitru, a minor – and its publication. The author declared that the diary contained her erotic fantasies. However, the diary was the ground on which Gregorian Bivolaru was later arrested.

The media took distance

At a certain point, the media began to distance themselves from the actions of the authorities, proving that state institutions involved in hunting down MISA were the main source of intoxication. The press started to notice that there was no support for the information released by the authorities: “The importance given to the Bivolaru case … is hardly sustainable by the evidence shown yesterday by representatives of the institutions involved: the Prosecutor’s Office, the Police, the prosecutors” (Cotidianul, March 25th, 2004).

Other newspapers, too, later accused the authorities to have attempted a political manipulation. One of the widest accepted explanations was that the whole campaign against MISA and its spiritual leader Gregorian Bivolaru was aimed to cover the escape of Gabriel Bivolaru, a man close to the ruling PSD party, who was imprisoned for fraud, and whose name could be easily mistaken with that of Gregorian’s.

The sobering of the media was partly due to a press release issued by APADOR-CH on April 15th, 2004. In its analysis, APADOR-CH pointed out that if certain members of MISA have committed crimes, they were to be tried in court, as individuals, according to equitable procedures and judgments.

6. Violation of fundamental rights and freedoms

The measures taken by the authorities against members or sympathizers of MISA and against the Movement itself were illegal, disproportionate, combining intimidation, instigation and harassment with abusive accusation and detention. During the events, personal freedom, the right to be presumed innocent until proven guilty, the right to legal representation, the right to privacy, the right to peaceful demonstration, etc:

During the days of searches – starting on March 18th, 2004 – prosecutors, gendarmes, police and SRI agents (secret service), most of them wearing masks, led a brutal action, using force unnecessarily or excessively and in breach of procedures:

– they broke doors and windows to enter buildings although nothing hampered their access;

– the residents were hit, pushed to the ground and threatened with the gun. Over 80 people were taken to the Prosecutor’s Office, where they were asked to sign statements under threat;

– they confiscated a large amount of objects and documents without any reason: the search minutes had errors of procedure and content;

– search warrants were not always produced when entering a building;

– in many of the raids, the prosecutors left no copy of the search minutes;

– MISA members or sympathizers were videotaped while scarcely dressed or in humiliating postures;

– MISA members or sympathizers were prevented to contact their lawyers.

The infringement of rights and freedoms during the actions of the “forces of public order” on April 18th, 2004, was continued by the violation of privacy and of the right to reputation. The pictures and videotapes made during the raids were used to discredit the victims. The authorities sent TV stations images accompanied by mystifying comments. Thus, a syringe, videotaped in the home of a … doctor, suggested an alleged drug abuse. The doctor was videotaped while subjected to a degrading treatment during the whole search and threatened that she would be indicted, in the absence of any trace of evidence, for drug use. As a result of this manipulation, MISA members had to ask the Forensic Institute to test their blood for traces of drugs, in order to prove that they were not drug users.

The forceful actions of the prosecutors, gendarmes, police and SRI agents violated the constitutional norms, domestic legislation (mainly, the Criminal Procedure Code) and international agreements ratified by Romania.

The victims filed numerous complaints against the infringement of their rights and liberties. The flagrant violations should determine the Public Ministry to take notice, while the top ranking officials from ministries and other institutions involved are under obligation to take administrative steps in order to punish those responsible. Investigating and punishing the SRI agents, police, gendarmes and prosecutors who infringed upon human rights and fundamental freedoms before, during and after the MISA searches is essential to safeguard the principles of a democratic state.

7. The violation of the freedom of association

The freedom of association includes the bestowal of legal personality, a right granted to MISA in 1990 and still in place. However, the freedom of association also means that no one will suffer from taking part in the activities of the respective organization. No one who wants to become a member of, to collaborate with, to support the organization or to take part in its activities will be intimidated. Otherwise, the formal or subjective association of the individual is not free.

For years, MISA members have been subjected to public defamation and harassment, instigated and supported by Romanian institutions – the Prosecutor’s Office, the gendarmerie, the Romanian Information Service (SRI), the Ministry of Justice, the Ministry of Interior and Administration, etc. Especially worrying are the following situations:

– the unjustified search and detention of certain MISA members or sympathizers;

– libelous statements against them;

– threats that they would lose their jobs due to their affiliation;

– placement of MISA and its sympathizers under secret service investigation.

Several persons were forced to drop out of yoga courses organized by MISA because of such harassment and defamation and certain members of sympathizers had problems in their relations at work or at home.

8. The participation of the SRI in the harassment of MISA

The Romanian Information Service was involved in the surveillance and harassment of MISA under the pretext that MISA was a paramilitary organization and a danger for the national security. The MISA legal person was targeted, although the current accusations – infringement of the copyright law and spreading pornographic materials – have nothing to do with national security. As for other, more serious accusations, – supporting paramilitary groups, drug traffic and human traffic – they proved to be completely groundless.

The SRI actions have infringed upon the fundamental right to privacy and freedom of association. The decision to put MISA under the surveillance of an institution meant to protect national security was totally out of proportion.

9. The treatment of Mădălina DumitruAmong the abuse committed by authorities in the MISA case, one was especially serious: the inhuman and degrading treatment to which Mădălina Dumitru, a 17 years old minor, was subjected to. Although she was nothing more than a witness in the trial against Gregorian Bivolaru, the minor – detained on 18.03.2004, during the raid at her home – was treated like a criminal. She was deprived of freedom, subjected to pressure and violence because she wanted to change a previous statement, which had been obtained under coercion in order to incriminate Gregorian Bivolaru, mentor of MISA. On April 1st, Mădălina Dumitru was taken by force to the Forensic Institute, where she was supposed to undergo a gynecological examination, although she had categorically refused it. The minor was surrounded by policemen and gendarmes all the time, and separated by her lawyer, whom she has been unable to contact from that moment on. She has been isolated from her colleagues and fiancée. The inhuman treatment she underwent made her go through serious moments of crisis.

The Child Protection Commission decided on April 7, 2004, to place Mădălina Dumitru under the care of her mother’s sister. The measure was taken against the girl’s will. The minor is forced to stay with her aunt’s family, unable to go anywhere by herself or to meet anyone. The underage girl has been prevented to:

– go to school;

– contact her legal counsel;

– file complaints against those who infringe upon her rights and freedoms;

– marry her fiancée, as the two publicly announced their intention.

It is not the humanitarian and educational concern that has determined the authorities to submit Mădălina Dumitru to such a regime; the proof lies in the scandalous decision to release her personal diary to the media. Newspapers lavishly published excerpts from the minor’s erotic fantasies. The public defamation, to which both the media and the authorities contributed, is in flagrant contradiction with the claim of responsibility towards the girls’ best interest.

III.             CONCLUSIONS

(a) The brutal, unjustified raids organized on March 18th, 2004, in Bucuresti, which mobilized over 300 gendarmes, prosecutors, policemen and SRI agents, were just one event in a long series of actions against MISA and the yoga movement in Romania. Repressive actions and defamation campaigns against the organization had taken place before, elsewhere in the country. But interventions by the Prosecutor’s Office, gendarmes and secret services never reached such proportions. It is the worst violation of democracy since the miner’s descent on the capital.

(b) The media were involved in defamation campaigns against MISA by using without discernment “information” offered by public authorities. The professional code of journalism was seriously infringed upon: the obligation to inform the public correctly, the right to be presumed innocent, verifying information from two independent sources, respect for human dignity. Especially serious was the publishing of Mădălina Dumitru’s personal diary containing the girl’s erotic fantasies. From a point on, the media took distance from the abuse committed by the authorities. Many of them accused the authorities of having used the MISA case for political purposes.

(c) During raids and following investigations, the state authorities were in serious violation of fundamental rights and freedoms by intimidation, instigation, harassment, illegal detention, infringing upon personal freedom, the right to be presumed innocent, the right to privacy, the right to demonstrate peacefully, the right to reputation, etc.

Between 2004 and 2005 Gregorian Bivolaru was arrested several times, and he was charged successively for alleged sexual relations with a minor, tax evasion, illegally crossing the border, human trafficking and organized crime. The series of the judicial actions were accompanied by a giant mass media manipulation campaign.

On January 2nd, 2006, Bivolaru gets political asylum and a new name, Magnus Aurolsson in Sweden, conform to the Geneva Convention of 1951.

After once the charges were dropped at Sibiu court, on 14 June 2013, the High Court of Cassation and Justice of Romania definitively sentenced Gregorian Bivolaru to 6 years in prison for sexual acts with a minor, who says she never had sexual relations with Gregorian Bivolaru, but she was forced to declare so after 10 hours of police investigation in absence of parents or lawyer.

Madalina Dumitru was forced and used by the law enforcement to harm Gregorian Bivolaru

The alleged sexual partner of the Yoga teacher gave an interview, in which she disclosed she had been forced, threatened and intimidated by law enforcement in order to testify against Grigore Bivolaru. Later she submitted a penal complaint to the High Court of Cassation and Justice regarding the crimes committed by the “men of law”, who abused her in several ways.

Penal complaint regarding crimes committed against the minor Madalina Dumitru

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Unlike Dirk Laureyssens, who invents false stories and writes blatant lies in the worst insulting manner, we limit our post to to the facts posted in publicly available references, which we believe they are reliable.

What really happened

Yoga in the Courts: The Legal Story of MISA

Arrested, tortured, threatened, intimidated and falsely accused

The story of a political dissident – Gregorian Bivolaru
Published on Mar 23, 2016
In January 2016, Europol published its latest “most wanted” list. Amongst wanted terrorists and dangerous criminals, appears Romanian yoga teacher Gregorian Bivolaru

“The MISA case has been made up by the Securitate” – Dan Voinea, ex-chief of Military Prosecutors
Published on Jul 25, 2012
The file of Gregorian Bivolaru has been made up by the Romanian Prosecutors’ Office following the order of the Romanian Communist Secret Services (Securitate). “It is a strange and unique case within the European Justice System” declares General Dan Voinea, the former chief of Military Prosecutors’ Offices, who, following to the investigation started in order to shed light upon this file, was removed from the position he previously held.
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Operation Christ Movie Episode 3 Part 4 of 6
Published on Mar 10, 2017
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Death threat letters

death threats

The story of a political dissident – Gregorian Bivolaru
Published on Mar 23, 2016
In January 2016, Europol published its latest “most wanted” list. Amongst wanted terrorists and dangerous criminals, appears Romanian yoga teacher Gregorian Bivolaru

Who is afraid of Gregorian Bivolaru and why

Who is afraid of Gregorian Bivolaru and Why?
Published on Mar 28, 2017

The extradition trial in Paris

The High Stakes in the Bivolaru Case at the Court of Justice in Paris – part 1

The High Stakes in the Bivolaru Case at the Court of Justice in Paris – part 2

The High Stakes in the Bivolaru Case at the Court of Justice in Paris – part 3

Truth prevails

It does no matter what Dirk Laureyssens labels as “PROVEN AND DOCUMENTED”, such theatrical affirmations are only lies on the top of the lies of Master in Political and Social Sciences, Mr. Dirk Laureyssens of Antwerp.

Dirk Laureyssens false proofs and distordted logic
Fair quote from Dirk Laureyssens’s defamatory blog post

He must be really despaired, if he can’t come out with any smarter arguments in order to substantiate his evil words of libel. Is he blinded by his narcissistic high ego, that he can’t include in his Internet search the keyword “court”?

Or he believes us so stupid, that we can’t find the truth?

Dirk Laureyssens may believe himself as a master of twisting the truth and hypnosis, but his repertoire may be limited to make an impression solely on toddlers.

dirk laureyssens
Dirk Laureyssens tries to impress

MISA Yoga Practitioner Wins Case at European Court of Human Rights

MISA Yoga Practitioner Wins Case at European Court of Human Rights
The European Court of Human Rights ordered Romania to pay 15600 EUR in moral fines to a yoga practitioner from MISA Yoga school


Human Rights Court: Romania must pay EUR 291,000 to controversial yoga group members

European Human Rights Court orders Romania must pay 291000 EUR to yoga group members

European Court of Human Rights (ECHR)
Bivolaru v. Romania (no. 28796/04)
Romania has to pay 7000 EUR to Gregorian Bivolaru, the ECHR ordered
Just satisfaction: EUR 1,000 (non-pecuniary damage) and EUR 5,980 (costs and expenses) http://hudoc.echr.coe.int/app/conversion/pdf?library=ECHR&id=003-5641318-7141401&filename=Judgments%20of%2028.02.17.pdf

Judgments_of_28.02.17-Bivolaru v RomaniaBIVOLARU v. ROMANIA – 28796/04 (Judgment (Merits and Just Satisfaction) : Court (Fourth Section)) French Text [2017] ECHR 207 (28 February 2017)

Full text in French language

Translated by Google Translate

Time for apologies

With his latest desperate and rabid articles Mr. Laureyssens joined the tactics of the international masons and Illuminati in their games to harass and push in exile whistle-blowers, who expose the hidden truth, but their tentative character assassinations fail miserably.

Remember the case of Julian Assange of Wikileaks?

‘We regret the error,’ CNN says after paid ex-CIA analyst calls Julian Assange a pedophile

Now is time for apologies, before Justitia would say the final word.

WikiLeaks threatens to sue CNN over commentator calling Assange ‘pedophile’