UPDATED on March 12, 2017

Stupidly, Dirk Laureyssens made accusations that we “published falsified documents” with his name on them, “to make people believe” he is “involved in tax havens in Panama”.

He could defend himself with a smarter lie, if he would have said that the person named in the presented documents is not him, but another Dirk Laureyssens. By his stupid accusations, he just recognized, he is the person mentioned in the otherwise publicly accessible Panama documents.  Thank you, Mr. Laureyssens!

If he would not have reacted, we still have enough proof that he has been connected to the  Creative City S.A. or Creative City Limited, as he has involved that Panama corporation in his famous trial versus Idea Group, Inc. and Days Off Designs, Inc., and he used Creative City to trade his copyrights, same as he used Ben Ebki, Inc. of Delaware, U.S.A.

We added more data, and we provided links to the sources, where ever it was possible, thus please feel free to check the truth of the presented facts.

If somebody would have any doubts about the truth of the data presented here about Dirk Laureyssens’ companies in tax havens as Panama, Delaware, Nevada etc., it is always possible to ask the help of the Belgian Financial Intelligence Processing Unit.

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Panama Papers leak reached Dirk Laureyssens’ past

The story behind the massive Panama Papers leak


CREATIVE CITY S.A. Panama  was established on  9/7/1989

Creative City SA in Panama Papers
Credits: International Consortium of Investigative Journalists

Dirk Laureyssens Director and President of the Panama based company Creative City S.A.

Search page: https://opencorporates.com/officers?q=Dirk+Laureyssens&utf8=✓

Opencorporates search for Directors named Dirk Laureyssens

Creative City S.A. Panama details
Source: https://opencorporates.com/companies/pa/226029

Dirk Laureyssens director and president at Panama company

Source Registro Público de Panamá http://www.registro-publico.gob.pa/consultasweb/api/index.php/ObtenerFolio/1282775/1

Result of the database query:

“data”:[{“Folio”:”(MERCANTIL) Folio N\u00ba 226029 (S)”,
“Merca_DatosPersonaMoral”:[{“NombreContribuyente”:”CREATIVE CITY S.A.”,
“FormaJuridica”:”SOCIEDAD ANONIMA”,
“Moneda”:”D\u00f3lares americanos”,
“Direccion”:”PROVINCIA PANAM\u00c1″,
“DerechoActo”:”Asiento Id -8801291- () “,
“DerechoActo”:”Asiento Id -6296784- () Entrada 9884\/198  (0) “,
“Entradas”:[{“NumeroEntrada”:”9884\/198  (0)”,
Derechos de Calificaci\u00f3n”,
“Estado”:”Ingresado – En Proceso de Escaneo de Documentos Presentados (Migraci\u00f3n)”,
{“Relacion”:”Director”,”Usuario”:”DIRK LAUREYSSENS”},
{“Relacion”:”Director”,”Usuario”:”ERIC CHRISTIAAN BAKKENES”},
{“Relacion”:”Director”,”Usuario”:”ROELLAND PELS”},
{“Relacion”:”Presidente”,”Usuario”:”DIRK LAUREYSSENS”},
“Usuario”:”ROELLAND PELS”},
{“Relacion”:”Agente Residente”,


Copy of the company data

Download: https://factsaboutdirk.files.wordpress.com/2017/03/asiento1489574408554214056397.pdf


Dirk Laureyssens and his Panama company “Creative City” have been mentioned in U.S. court

Source: http://law.justia.com/cases/federal/district-courts/FSupp/768/1036/2365024/

Laureyssens v Ideea Group Inc 1991-08-02 part 1

Laureyssens v Ideea Group Inc 1991-08-02 part 2

The website of United States Copyright Office has records of Laureyssens and his Creative City company
Source custom search for name Laureyssens on the official website of the U.S. Copyright Office http://cocatalog.loc.gov/cgi-bin/Pwebrecon.cgi?DB=local&PAGE=First

Dirk Laureyssens - Creative City corporate name -- 1989-03-20

Dirk Laureyssens - Creative City VA0000372143 -- 1989-10-24

Founders of Panama Papers Law Firm Arrested on Money Laundering Charges

CREATIVE CITY S.A. Panama  was inactivated on  12/10/1991

1991-12-10 Creative City SA Panama inactivated

Creative City SA had it’s registered address in Luxembourg:

Source: https://icijold.com/?submit=Search&info=ROELAND+PELS+C%2FO+BENELUX+TRUST+LUXEMBOURG+12%2C+RUE+LEON+THYES+L-2636+LUXEMBOURG

Mossack, Fonseca Under Arrest Over Corruption Case
Jurgen Mossack and Ramon Fonseca, the founders of the eponymous Panamanian law firm that was vaulted to notoriety after a massive leak of their files exposed money laundering schemes all over the world, have been detained in connection with a corruption scandal in Brazil.

CREATIVE CITY S.A. Panama  was struck off on  4/18/2016

2016-04-18 Panama company Creative City SA deletion-page-001

Companies that fail to pay their tax for ten consecutive years are struck off the registry.

2016-04-18 Panama company Creative City SA deletion-page-002

Panama Papers: Mossack Fonseca founders arrested over bribery scandal

Delaware and Nevada are better tax havens than Panama

Forget Panama: it’s easier to hide your money in the US than almost anywhere

I-Graphics CVBA was established on 7/31/1990 and Happy Machines NV was established on 8/5/1991 in Belgium, and a shell company Ben Ebki Inc. was established on 9/10/1992 in Delaware tax haven of USA

1990-08-01 statutes of I-Graphics

A new company each year…

1991-08-06 establishment of Happy Machines NV

After two new companies established as family business, in addition to existing companies Happy CV and I Love Love Company NV (which later will be merged in Happy BVBA on 2/21/1997), why not establish another company in Delaware offshore tax haven in order to skim the copyrights profits?

A top haven for tax cheats that may surprise you: the US

1992-09-10 Ben Ebki Inc a Delaware company

Beyond Panama: What the World Really Needs is the #DelawarePapers

Dirk Laureyssens used his Delaware company to protect his butties.

Dirk Laureyssens used Ben Ebki Inc to protect his Butties

Don’t Look at Panama, Look at Delaware
The real tax havens are here in the United States

Dirk Laureyssens gets involved in video compression technology, teams with Jan Devos, and meets Australian hacker Mr. Stux a.k.a Stuart Espey

2000-09-14 WSJ article Mr Stux

3ivx.com Internet domain is registered on 7/13/2000

2000-07-13 3ivx dot com registration

Jan Devos and Stuart Espey a.k.a Mr. Stux become managers of Happy Machines NV, Dirk Lauresyssens is CEO 11/5/2001

2001-11-14 Happy Machines Stuart Espey

Happy Machines NV seeks investors for 3ivx

2000 Happy Machine seeks investors for 3ivx

Need to Hide Some Income? You Don’t Have to Go to Panama

How to handle the investments in the best way? Why not a Nevada corporation?

Pushclips Corp is established in Nevada, USA on 1/8/2001

Dirk Laureyssens in Carson City

Source: https://opencorporates.com/companies/us_nv/C417-2001

Opencorporates Dirk Laureyssens treasurer of Pushclips Corp Carson City Nevada

Screenshot source: http://nvsos.gov/sosentitysearch/PrintCorp.aspx?lx8nvq=xOM27vI%252bX9YQYNFLv9qViQ%253d%253d&nt7=0

2001-01-08 Pushclips Corp Entity Details - Secretary of State, Nevada-page-001

Secretary – Franckis Ennekens
President – Jan Devos
Treasurer – Dirk Laureyssens

Despite connection to Panama Papers Nevada likely to remain tax haven

Money comes in, the increased capital is divided in 10,000 shares

2001-12-13 Happy Machines shareholders

Capital is increased to 62,000 EUR, divided by 10,000 shares as follows:
Dirk Laureyssens 32%
Bruno-Albert Demonie 2%
Franciscus -Josephus Ennekens 1%
Patrick Willems 1%
Stuart-John Espey 32%
Jan Devos 32%

Jan Devos gets confused about the company history

Once he says the company was founded in May 2000.

Jan Devos report on internetvideomag

In another report he remembers Happy Machines NV was founded in July 2000.

Jan Devos interview (Happy Machines founded in July 2000)

In the same interview he mentions development started in May 2000, and  Happy Machines NV was established in July 2000.

Jan Devos interview (Happy Machines founded in July 2000) 2

Later the Australian company 3ivx Technologies Pty. Ltd. is mentioned as founded in 1991 (!), the real year of the establishment of Happy Machines N.V.

1991 3ivx

A legend takes birth.

1991 - 2002 3ivx History

The technical team moves to New South Wales, Australia, and the company 3ivx Technologies Pty. Ltd. is founded not earlier than on 7/8/2003

2003-07-08 3ivx technologies pty ltd 1

The shareholders of Happy Machines N.V. and Pushclips Corporation meet in the new company 3ivx Technologies Pty. Ltd., but what happens with the capital already invested in Happy Machines N.V?

2003-07-08 3ivx technologies pty ltd 2

2003-07-08 3ivx technologies pty ltd 3

2003-07-08 3ivx technologies pty ltd 4

The fully paid 10,000 shares are divided as follows:
Dirk Laureyssens 800 shares

Bruno-Albert Demonie 50 shares
Stuart-John Espey
Jan Devos 4125 shares
Chris Anton Pocock 825 shares
Janis Espey 50 shares
Patrick Willems 25 share

Short time after the establishment of 3ivx Technologies Pty. Ltd. Dirk Laureyssens’ company I-Graphics declares bankruptcy on 8/28/2003

2003-08-28 I-Graphics BVBA bankrupt

Happy Machine N.V. gets abandoned, its director does not fill the required yearly financial statements, and finally gets struck off on 10/25/2013

Deletion of Happy Machine

Meanwhile the happy Happy Cube designer is creating new companies…

…and Mr. Stuart Espey of 3ivx does too…

Mactrix Nominees Pty Limited registered on 5/25/2007

Mactrix Nominees Pty Limited.2007-05-25

Mactrix Development Pty Limited registered on 5/25/2007
having as shareholder Mactrix Nominees Pty Limited


Mactrix Developments Pty Limited.2008-11-27

3ivx Holdings Pty Limited registered on 5/3/2012
having as shareholders Stuart Espey
and Mactrix Nominees Pty Limited

3ivx Holdings Pty Limited.2012-05-03

Mactrix Creation is registered in Singapore on 7/23/2012

Mactrix Creations Singapore 2012-07-23

Dirk Laureyssens had influential role also in other companies

Dirk Laureyssens, Chief Operating Officer of Millenium Gate N.V., a company of his good friend A.

Dirk Laureyssens COO of Millenium Gate NV

About the relationship with this and other companies will be another story.