After the previous blog post we observed some reactions in some less visited corners of the Internet Social Media.

Immediate reactions

In the small circle of the passionate critics gathered around Dirk Laureyssens, somebody shared our earlier blog post The world of a kids’ puzzle toy designer. Reactions started:


Obviously there are ongoing some efforts to stop regardless to the tools to be used, be it false report on Web Of Trust service, or any other bad report.


Lies about non existent viruses or obscure ways to initiate security warnings to block access to the link, these fellows are not scrupulous in choosing their tools.


Dirk Laureyssens’ team knows about the security warning is false positive (somebody just bragged earlier about he initiated it).


The purpose is not a secret: to starve the Keshe Foundation of its income, even though by negative comments (understand troll posts) or by denouncing letters with false accusations to the officials.


What a good advice from a good friend, who cares of Dirk’s credibility! A friend in need is a friend indeed.

What is behind the creation of such well focused group, where all are following the same intentions to stop, what Dirk does not like?

Maybe it is a pure coincidence, but…

… once upon a time, Dirk has proudly posted his portfolio on the Internet. Sorry for displaying again another image of a bizarre piece of art à la Dirk Laureyssens fetish symbolism. Don’t look at the picture with a blasphemy in the title, look at the “Clients” section, which is marked with red frame in the screenshot of the archived portfolio.


There are probably some pure coincidences, or the history just repeats itself.


Dirk became a promoter of the Party ROSSEM, which was created by the public figure Jean-Pierre Van Rossem, who shouted “Vive la république d’Europe, vive Lahaut!” during King Albert II’s coronation ceremony of 1993 as a reference to Julien Lahaut, who shouted ‘Vive la république’ in 1950 at the coronation of Baudouin of Belgium. Van Rossem was against the Belgian monarchy.

After a period of inactivity, in 2012 Party ROSSEM announced his intention to take part in the Antwerp municipal elections. We believe this is the time, when Dirk came into play to “help”. We don’t know the internal affairs on the ROSSEM, thus you may do some search, if you are interested of the fate of the party after Dirk’s contribution.

Meanwhile Dirk Laureyssens worked also for his another client, the Keshe Foundation.


Don’t just look at the text, but look at the dates too.

What was Dirk’s attitude toward his clients a little later?


Both clients got some extra “promotion” by Facebook groups created by Dirk Laureyssens with the self-evident intent to ridicule, disrupt and ruin both organizations and their founders.


As a pure coincidence, both Jean-Pierre Van Rossem andthe Founder of the Keshe Foundation, nuclear engineer Mehran Tavakoli Keshe were personally disliked by  King Albert II of Belgium.

albert-iiAs another coincidence, both J.P. Van Rossem and M.T. Keshe acted with purpose to uncover and denounce pedophile circles.



Are there too many coincidences? According to Dirk Laureyssens all his former clients are pathological liars.


Everybody is a pathological liar.


The facts are uncontested, but whoever connects the dots becomes a liar in Dirk Laureyssens’ view.


Dear reader, we warn you to not connect the dots, if you do not want to be labeled as another pathological liar! All these facts presented here are pure coincidences!


Any resemblances are purely coincidental.

Do you remember the guy, who made the false evaluation of Web Of Trust, and who bragged about he initiated the Facebook security warnings regarding the links to this blog? The same, who bragged about he will write warnings to Ghana and to the officials of the countries, where certain events of the Keshe Foundation will take place in February?


Coincidentally, somebody with his style of writing trolled Linux message boards some years ago, using various user names. At that time he fought advocated against the Linux operating system, which he perceived is endangering his work as a PC doctor with specialized in Windows.


Since 2012 (another coincidence) he found a new target: the Keshe Foundation.

Under tens of various personas, he is present on many social media platforms, with the sole activity to destroy the Keshe Foundation and its Founder.


He keeps on tirelessly writing tens and hundreds of denouncing letters to authorities and police in every imaginable country. He is a nearly 73 years old man from Poysdorf, Austria, who at the beginning he used his real name, Robert Stankowic. As his intentions became clear, so that he was not able to fool for long time people of the forums and Internet communities,  he felt the need to hide his identity in order to continue his subversive activities, therefore he added a multitude of names: Valeri Kravinik,  Martin Singer,  OpenEyes, ShortVisit, Bernhard Gladmüller,  Kevin Lembauer,  Robert Schwering,  Jean-Pierre Mürrli,  Josef Görling, Chris Banyan,  Sheri Holmes etc.

Isn’t this a cyber-criminal activity?

Would he arrogantly say it is perfectly legal to create sockpuppet profiles on social media and act as an Internet Troll in order to deceive by sowing fear, uncertainty and doubt within groups with purpose to disrupt the discussions, dismember the groups, and ultimately to cause moral and material damages?

PC-Doktor details

He just reacted recently by one of his old fake identities:

Name: Valeri Kravinik



Comment: Nice try, but fail. 😀

Time: January 19, 2017 at 4:01 pm
IP Address:
Contact Form URL:
Sent by an unverified visitor to your site.



It is another coincidence, that he made up a team of hackers and social media activists, and teamed up with Dirk Laureyssens? Or is it true the ancient saying “like rejoices the like”?


Amadeus Sprenger  (amad2010) has been doing a diligent work for his master.



amad2010 details

There are more “like rejoicing the like”, which we are not enumerating here.

Perhaps they will get into the attention of the relevant authorities earlier or later:

Polizeiinspektion Poysdorf, 2170 Poysdorf, Wienerstraße 1, Telephone: +4359133 3272 100, Fax:  +4359133  3272 109, eMail:

Polizeiwacht Oberpleis, Weilerweg 2, 53639 Königswinter, Telephone: +49 2244 3026,

… and so on.