We are trying to unveil the truth about the world of the controversial Dirk Laureyssens, who is known as: master in political and social sciences, inventor, lateral thinker, developer of toys and games, logo developer, painter, sculptor, photographer, conceptor, patent writer, philosopher-cosmologist, involved in video compression technologies, a new venture capital system, solar energy, gravitational power plant, council member of the grandiosely named Internet Names Authorization & Information Center (INAIC), the owner of 150+ patents and shareholder of several companies, and whose recent publicly visible activity focuses on bashing his former clients. We are limiting to presentation of facts available from open sources, we refrain of allegations and accusations, and we let the readers do their own research and take their own conclusions.

Designer of toys

Dirk Laureyssens is perhaps most renown as designer of a puzzle toy made of plastic foam, which was launched in the late ’80s and became popular in about 40 countries. That foam puzzle is still produced and marketed by a company managed by Dirk’s family after a divorce.
We don’t know, and we do not want to know about personal matters, as why parents divorce after they have grown up their beautiful children. Important is, that the business flourishes, and the family survives well and happily.

A peculiar interpretation of love

What was brought to our attention regarding toys and games, was the wording of how Dirk Laureyssens have been advertising another of his inventions, a game perhaps not for kids. Here it is in its context. Can you read the text on the screenshot? (Annotations are ours.)
 • Love themes ( tenderness, charms, dancing, dating, sex, talking, launching, different
actions, dress, undress, caress, bite, look, hand in hand, peep, Oedipus-complex, fetish,
fixation, pervert, ….)
We understand the market demand in certain societies for sexual games, but finding aberrations as  peep, Oedipus-complex, fetish, fixation, pervert etc. enumerated under the category of “Love” is still a shocking experience. Certainly, Dirks perception of LOVE is completely different of mine. His world is not mine. Let’s go further, to learn more about Dirk’s world.

Dirk’s cosmological theory – everything is coupling by penetration


Dirk Laureyssens explains in his many websites his philosophical views about the creation of the world. We do not want to start philosophical  debates, we just remark the omnipresent motif in Dirk’s theories, the coupling by penetration, or how he says with a coined word, with “pelestration”, what he often demonstrates very visually.

Where is then the divine love in Dirk’s theories? How does that manifests?  We have seen above some peculiar interpretation of love. How about the love of the parents for his children?

We let Dirk Laureyssens explain about his perception. If you can find some relevant and openly available reference, please notify us.

This is a video hosted elsewhere. Please wait until it loads fully.


Bizarre educational toy

Among Dirk’s over one hundred fifty patent applications we found some weird ones too,  but this one leads us in the world of the movie version of  William S. Burroughs’s hallucinatory  novel Naked Lunch, directed by David Cronenberg in 1991.
The bizarre shaped object is named “educational balloon”.

“An educational balloon that gives the ability to ‘experience’ various aspects of physics with own eyes and own hands.”


Master in social and political sciences, expert in magic, astrology, hypnosis, NLP, magic, who knows everything

Dirk is a man, who knows everything. He is a master in political and social sciences, inventor, lateral thinker, developer of toys and games, logo developer, painter, sculptor, photographer, conceptor, patent writer, philosopher-cosmologist, involved in video compression technologies, a new venture capital system, expert in astrology, hypnosis, NLP, magic and so on.


The above is the translation of the words of his former associate, on a message board of 11 years ago.
The next is a screenshot of Dirk’s web site hollywood.org, which once contained an entire section dedicated to astrology, homeopathy and hypnosis. As of today, those pages have been deleted, but certain Internet archives still keep a copy.



A peculiar view – a tiny hint for specialists

Often those, who need help are leaving around hints about what’s their issue. Maybe a specialist could interpret this, and discover what caused a reversal of identity.


I am not implying anything, but I saw many cheerful, extroverted people, who are causing beautiful and good effects to the outer world, in which we live, and I only saw a few people, who are living caged in their inner world, created for themselves, and struggling to cause effects within. Somebody, please help them!

Dirk’s visual art

I am not an art critic. I only know, that art is intended to skilfully create an emotional impact. Are Dirk Laureyssens’ creations of art made in a skillful way? Undoubtedly yes.
Do Dirk’s creations cause an emotional impact? Definitely they do. But I don’t like those emotions. I like emotions that resonate the heart, and not squeeze the stomach.


I prefer art, which causes emotional effects starting from the chest up. But tastes may differ. I let it up to you. Some may like painful emotions.

Phallic symbols


A central subject of Dirk’s art creations is phallic symbolism. At least, who hasn’t, can get one. Available in several sizes and prices by choice.


When Dirk combines his art with his cosmology

Dirk Laureyssens with his genial holonic intelligence can combine his visions in various creative ways.

It is not unusual that an experienced patent writer and lateral thinker can always find ways to combine the ideas with shapes in order to create new variations of products.


Please, look carefully to the details of the artwork The Rainbow Universe. What are those repeating shapes resemble to? Can this be just a pure coincidence?


At this point, we are a bit confused. We lack interpretations. The world of the puzzle designer is still a puzzle.

One of the puzzles is, if Dirk has built up from scratch some nice business lines, and he has interests in profitable businesses, why doesn’t he enjoy the years of his retirement in a pleasant tourists’ paradise, and he spends even his Christmas holidays as full time a blogger and social media activist just for bashing his former client?

We can only see the appearances, and we don’t know yet, what’s behind the scenes.

Another puzzling question is, why a puzzle company keeps recruiting kids as photo-models, to be shoot lied down on back and belly, when it is about promoting a toy?


Here is the unsolicited justification given by Dirk Laureyssens via his blog:



My Happy Cube puzzles were given in 1991 for production / commercial license to a new company. At that time, I was CEO and major shareholder of that company. In 2002 I left the company, thus there was a switch of CEO. I no longer have shares in that company, and I am no longer involved businesswise, not even involved in any marketing, but only in some aspects of R&D.

In 2015-2016 the CEO and the Marketing Manager decided to organize a marketing photo shoot for new promotional materials and packaging. For these photos, some children playing with the cube puzzles were needed. My youngest daughter (Marketing Manager) connected via Facebook with her friends (parents of young children) and asked for help.

Free cinema tickets were promised to the parents, when they let the puzzle company take pictures of their kids with my puzzles, and the kids’ parents were of course always present, whereas I was not present at all.

Prior to Dirk’s above justification, we knew only about such kids casting and “Happy” shooting only of year 2014, while now Dirk confirmed that such actions are done regularly, year by year.
Here is a copy of the advertisement as it was shown on Facebook.


Worldwide exclusive producer
of the Happy CubeM 3D puzzles

for photo shoot with Happy products
Ages about 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 11,
13, 16, 19, 22, 26, 35, 40, 60, 75 years
DATE: Monday, July 7, 2014 from 9am to 13pm
In case of bad weather July 28 from 9 to NLU.
Location: Zoersel. The province of Antwerp
(Not on business location ! – precise location
will be announced later)
JOIN and get
– 3 Happy products of choice
– 1 cinema ticket
– One or more professional photos
– Everlasting fame in the Happy gallery
(Website, packaging. Brochure)


www happy.be – 03 380 06 50

your name
your date of birth
2 photos of yourself, of which first full-body

Is it really need for new and new child photo-models year by year, Mr. Laureyssens?

There are still more puzzles to be solved.